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Supplier Resources

We were founded on the belief that we all should aspire to serve others with integrity, fairness, and respect. That belief continues to remain just as true and strong today. As our teams and assets continue to grow and expand across North America and beyond, we remain aligned on conducting business in the safest and most ethical way. Our goal as a company is to use our principles to build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders, including those with whom we do business.

As we position ourselves for strategic growth, knowing that we have the right business relationships in place is critical to our success. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please fill out the form below.

Our corporate procurement team provides standardized processes along with corporate-wide agreements which benefit our business units. We value the importance of competitive bidding, and when selecting a supplier of choice, we consider price, capability, integrity, geography, financial stability, and customer service.



The Andersons is committed to using technology that makes doing business with our company quick and easy, with no cost to the supplier. We use Coupa® to transmit purchase orders, receive electronic invoices, manage contracts, and conduct sourcing events. Please see the Supplier Resource Documents section for more details.

Our standard payment terms are net 45 days for payment by check. However, The Andersons promotes ACH as the most cost-effective method of payment. Suppliers that enroll in ACH payments will have net 30-day payment terms. To enroll in ACH payment, please complete the form located within our Supplier Resource Documents section below.


Master Contractor and Service Agreements

Before providing services at our facilities, suppliers/contractors must be signed up and have an acceptable grade with Appruv™, a third-party risk assessment provider for The Andersons. Please see the Supplier Resource Documents section for more details.

You must also complete a Master Contractor Agreement or Master Services Agreement. These agreements are initiated by The Andersons and sent electronically to the supplier via Coupa. Proof of workers’ compensation coverage and a certificate of insurance showing all coverage and limits as noted in the agreement must also be approved by our corporate insurance department prior to the start of any on-site work.

As we position ourselves for strategic growth, knowing that we have the right business relationships in place is critical to our success. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please fill out the form above. Registration does not guarantee or imply approval of your company as a supplier, nor does it obligate The Andersons to solicit a bid from you. We will contact you if we determine there is a potential opportunity with your company. By registering, you are agreeing to transact with us electronically.

Coupa is cloud-based software used to manage indirect procurement. We use three of Coupa’s applications: Coupa Procurement, Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Coupa Sourcing.

  • Coupa Procurement is the Procure-to-Pay solution that streamlines our indirect purchase order and invoicing processes. Suppliers can choose to transact with us by email (also known as Supplier Actionable Notification - SAN), by logging into the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), or by integrating their business system with Coupa through cXML data exchange. Instructions for these processes can be found within our Supplier Resource Documents section below.
  • Coupa CLM is a collaborative contract authoring and online signing of Master Contractor Agreements, Master Services Agreements, and other purchasing agreements.
  • Coupa Sourcing is used to run our bidding, reverse auction, and strategic sourcing events.

If you need help using Coupa, you may also contact our Corporate Procurement Team at

What should I do if I’m interested in becoming a supplier?

All interested suppliers should first complete the registration form located above.


What if I’m an existing supplier and my name and/or address has changed?

Please email an updated Form W-9 to

The Andersons values and philosophy play a key role in our business, as described in our Statement of Principles. We choose our suppliers and vendors carefully to ensure that they are aligned with our Statement of Principles and possess those qualities which enhance both private and public welfare. Our suppliers and vendors are expected to do business fairly, ethically, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Suppliers and vendors of The Andersons are expected to abide by the following principles:


Conduct Business in Compliance with Law and with Integrity

We expect our suppliers and vendors to:

  • Know and follow laws that apply to their business, treating legal requirements as a minimum standard
  • Compete fairly and ethically for The Andersons business
  • Never offer or accept bribes, kickbacks, or inappropriate gifts in violation of The Andersons Standards of Business Conduct and Response Program Policy
  • Avoid conflicts of interest relating to financial interests or other arrangements with employees that may be inappropriate


Keep Honest and Accurate Business and Financial Records

We expect our suppliers and vendors to:

  • Maintain books, records, and accounts that reflect all transactions in an accurate, honest, and timely way
  • Use appropriate quality audit and compliance processes for matters such as product, food, and feed safety; worker health and safety; labor and employment; and product traceability


Treat People with Dignity and Respect

We expect our suppliers and vendors to:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions at their operations and comply with all safety and access requirements while at The Andersons facilities
  • Support diversity and equal opportunity in their workplace
  • Foster an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination
  • Respect employees’ rights to organize and bargain collectively
  • Adhere to laws related to working hours, wages, human trafficking, and the prevention of child labor and forced labor


Be a Responsible Corporate Citizen

We expect our suppliers and vendors to:

  • Maintain strict standards to promote product, food, and feed safety
  • Comply with all laws and regulations relating to disclosure of hazards or toxins, including California Proposition 65
  • Strive to reduce environmental impact, including the transition over time to a net zero economy, and comply with all environmental laws


Protect Information and Assets

We expect our suppliers and vendors to:

  • Protect The Andersons confidential information, including its intellectual property, trade secrets, or financial information
  • Safeguard property of The Andersons while under their control
  • Avoid situations that may adversely affect The Andersons business interests or reputation


February 2021

Supplier Resource Documents

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