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As an integral part of the agricultural supply chain that provides food, feed, and fuel to North America, we create additional value through our procedures that capture carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and monetize those products or the byproducts within those processes, within our Trade segment.

The Andersons is helping to alleviate the world’s carbon footprint, as well as continuing to drive value to the company, through both existing practices within our renewables business and our strategic investments. To continue driving such change, it is key that we continue to find ways to sustain and trace carbon abatement in the agricultural supply chain for our customers as they focus on limiting their environmental impacts and improving their products’ carbon footprint.

As this is a rapidly evolving environment, we have a dedicated resource to focus on carbon and sustainability for the company. We are committed to effectively participating in regulated and voluntary carbon credit markets, further learning about carbon and its role in the evolving ag supply chain, and helping focus ongoing efforts and capital resources to appropriately monetize environmental sustainability efforts.

Tractor planting a field